What BANCwire Does

BANCwire® is a comprehensive business payment solutions platform offering a wide variety of services including electronic funds and money transfer, cross border payment, financial treasury management, electronic payment processing, electronic foreign exchange, bill payment, wallet and other custom solutions.



Electronic transfers are the most popular form of online payments – virtually every corporation utilizes electronic banking. BANCwire offers the widest possible access to electronic transfers. Among them are fully and semi-automatic payment options.

The fully-automatic service, our fastest payment option, relies on the integration of the customer and BANCwire systems. All data entry takes place within the customer’s own system. Upon submission of the transaction, all data are communicated automatically and their editing is blocked. Payments made via this method take only a few seconds.

With semi-automatic payments, the originator enters the transaction into our template, which loads into the BANCwire system upon submission.

Recurring Payments

The BANCwire platform not only allows our clients to make payments during the standard submission process, but also gives the opportunity to set up automated payment schedules in advance.

Such solutions are invaluable in the sale of services where payment is made periodically, especially when dealing with subscription fees.

With a cyclic-payment order, the customer makes the first payment, and after a successful transaction, the payment schedule is established. A payment schedule is sent to the customer, and schedule change requests are easily accommodated by our system.

Custom Solutions

BANCwire specializes in tailor-made solutions meeting our customers’ individual needs. As your outsourced accounts payable service, we offer flexibility in terms of currency, custom disbursement schedules, allocation of funds to vendor lists, and more. Our programmers are skilled, deeply experienced, and able to accommodate most any requested protocol. Contact us today with your unique concerns and requirements.